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Fred Jefferson Memorial Home for Boys is a non-profit, private corporation formed in 1989. Fred Jefferson services the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento and  San Bernardino. The purpose of the program is to provide comprehensive community-based services to children and families for the purpose of preserving the family, preparing adolescents for emancipation, providing treatment foster care and strengthening the community. To achieve this goal, we provide community services which includes mental health services, social work services to child/nonminor dependents and their families. Family reunification services, emancipation services and out of home placement services are provided to children/nonminor dependents  who have been placed in the Fred Jefferson program  by County Partners and/or Department of Probation. We operate from the premise that children have the right to have their needs met in a stable, healthy, nurturing environment. We believe that children placed in environments that meet these criteria are able to grow physically, mentally, and socially into productive adults. By providing a variety of services to meet these specific needs, we believe we can impact the quality of life in our community. Our Vision is  for youth becoming self-sufficient adults, equipped with the capacity to continuous evolve emotionally, physically and spiritually; building strong family units; developing a strong support system; and contributing to community life--no matter what challenges they may face.  

A full time therapeutic staff is available to assist children and adolescents in developing a successful future and maintaining optimal emotional health. The interactive structure, as well as the staff's expertise and pool of knowledge, contributes to the agency's high quality services.