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niquelle Lewis, Chief Program Officer


Niquelle James-Lewis was born on May 4, 1977 to Dr. Cecilia Jefferson-Freeman. She has developed a passion to serve the community in which she was born and raised. Her most passionate population to serve is foster youth. Niquelle developed this passion after watching the difference her Mother provided to the children in which she served as Niquelle was growing up. Dr. Jefferson-Freeman modeled that all children were equal in her home as well as the group homes. Through this model Niquelle loved all the children as her own family. That has continued throughout her adulthood as well.  Niquelle became a foster parent for several years and from that experience she successfully adopted two children, Monique and Celina.

Due to the compassion and desire to serve, Niquelle continued her education by obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Human Services as well as a Master’s of Art Degree in Clinical Psychology while continuing to work at the agency. She has been employed at Fred Jefferson Memorial Homes since 1995. In an effort to expand Niquelle’s ability to serve the community, she became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. where she is a very active member.

Niquelle recognized that her love and passion to serve the foster youth should not be limited to those in Los Angeles County. It was Niquelle that took the vision to Dr. Jefferson-Freeman to branch out to other Counties. While following the vision of Dr. Jefferson and following her direction, Niquelle was the catalyst responsible for expanding the agency to Riverside, San Bernardino, Sacramento and Orange Counties. From her successful experience with her adoption, She also wanted to expand to adoption services for the community. Niquelle is always looking for ways to expand the services provided. She enjoys working with all the children, however, her love is with the teens that are preparing for emancipation.

Niquelle has organized seminars and conferences for both the youth served as well as the employees in an effort to develop skills to empower for all that are connected to the success of every child served in Fred Jefferson Memorial Homes. She has assumed the responsibility of continuing training retreats for employees and the Board of Directors.

Niquelle’s desire is to assist in changing the negative stereotypes that society has placed on foster youth. She believes all children are sent from God!