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Kayretia Manely


Kayretia grew up in Southern California a product of Los Angeles Unified School District. After graduating high school, she attended Los Angeles Business College.

Her first job was with the Law Firm of Fried and Notrica moving on to Consumers Credit Bureau and she finally landed a position with Blue Cross of Southern California where she retired after thirty-one years of faithful service.

While at Blue Cross she held several supervisory positions in the Medi-Cal Department where she was responsible for paying out-of-state medical claims for California recipients. She moved on to the Marketing division where she became Administrative Assistant to the top salesman in the department.

Since her early youth she has been active in the Church Community rendering service in the Music and Administrative Departments. She has also traveled from coast to coast with many notable Gospel Artist and ministries.

She has done extensive volunteer work with The Beloved Gathering, World Vision, The Los Angeles Probation Department and Dwelling in God’s Word Ministries. She leads a Bible Study group at her home church, New Greater Circle Mission, where she has been a member for over fifty years.

Because she has a special love for people, monthly financial assistance is sent to several organization supporting work in New York, Haiti, Zimbabwe and Ethopia.

Kayretia is currently on the Board of Directors of Love in Action Missions as well as Fred Jefferson Foster Family Agency where she serves as Administrative Secretary.