Residential Services (STRTP)

Photo by oneinchpunch/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by oneinchpunch/iStock / Getty Images

Most are familiar with the term “Group-Home”. With changes in legislation (CCR) group-homes are now being transitioned into “Short Term Residential Treatment Programs” or “STRTP”. The intent of the Short Term Residential Treatment Program (STRTP) is to provide comprehensive placement services for youth in need of out of home placement and therapeutic services. The program will prove to encapsulate and/or wraparound youth whom have “fallen through the Cracks” with the mental/emotional stability needed for success. The Short Term Residential Treatment Program (STRTP) will provide an invaluable resource and evidenced based trauma informed care for comprehensive services.

The target population’s needs are many and historically have been met with categorical or one-dimensional treatment programs. The Fred Jefferson STRTP will meet the needs of its  youths through a comprehensive therapeutic service delivery which is trauma informed and culturally relevant to youth’s needs. Fred Jefferson provide services that help meet the physical, social, emotional, educational, vocational, spiritual and mental stability of the target youth specified by

  • Increase positive, adaptive behaviors in each youth which will positively affect their ability to function more appropriately in society, school, permanent placement (s), and home. This will also assist in decreasing ongoing contacts and penetrations with various public/formal systems of care e.g. County Partners, Mental Health, School, Police and probation.

  • Providing a safe structured environment with clear, consistent limits, appropriate emotional support and an ability for youth to understand a healthy daily routine.

  • Providing a supportive and nurturing environment which respects the youths as individuals and is culturally aware and sensitive to their individual diverse cultural differences.

  • Making the ability to provide a stable placement, which emphasizes on reunification and/or permanent placement or emancipation into adulthood despite behavioral difficulties and lack of appropriate family ties.

  • Providing a continuum of care from existing services, e.g. Foster Family Agency, Non-Public School, Substance Abuse, Day Treatment and Mental Health programs. In addition to community collaborations and linkage to informal supports that will assist client in obtaining/providing intensive Mental Health Services, Vocational/Job Training, Mentorship, educational, spiritual, cultural, athletic and other services.